Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer beginners courses throughout the year. Training consists of four one-and-a-half hour sessions with a qualified Archery GB coach.

Will I need my own bow?

The club provides bows free of charge for all beginners courses, and bows are available to rent for £1 a session untill you are ready to buy your own equipment. However, shooting outdoors on Sunday afternoons is restricted to members who own their own bow.

How much is a bow?

A starter bow and arrow set costs around £150. Expect to pay a maximum of £350 for your first bow, though you can spend £1,000+ for a really good set if you feel the need.

What bow should I buy?

Finish the course, and then ask the coach to advise when and what to buy. Coaches often accompany members to help select the right bow for them.

Can beginners take part in competitions?

We run a handicap league to allow new archers to compete with the more experienced archers, the initial handicap favours the new archers! This also allows everyone to mix and get to know the other members

I tried archery on holiday and really enjoyed it, will I do well in the club?

Probably, but it is likely that you shot without a sight, which is called 'bare bow'. The beginners course uses bows with sights, and although it takes a bit longer to, get used to shooting with one it is more accurate in the end, especially at longer distances.