Beginner’s Courses


At Solihull Archers, we love getting people into archery. It’s a great outdoor and indoor sport that requires skill and helps built focus and discipline.

From early weaponry and Robin Hood to The Hunger Games, Arrow and The Avengers, archery has always been a popular sport and craft.

We welcome anybody interested in archery to try our beginner’s course. You do not need any prior experience, our instructors are trained to take you through all of the basics to help you learn this sport.

To join an archery club in the UK you must first complete a six-hour beginners course (these are usually divided into 4 x 1.5-hour sessions). This is to ensure that you have the basic skills necessary to shoot a recurve bow and an appreciation of the safety requirements.

The minimum age to start a beginners course is 6 years old. 

Archery tuition is provided by Archery GB certified coaches, plus all necessary equipment is provided by the club for the duration of the course. Once you have completed the beginner’s course you will receive a certificate along with the measurements you need to buy your own equipment. Our coaches can advise on archery equipment to help you get started.

If you’re interested in trying out archery in the West Midlands we have a number of beginner’s course.

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